Know Your Sources

A source I use for information is NPR or National Public Radio.  For news on current events I often consult NPR.  I use it several times a week, if not regularly.  I used to have them set as my default homepage. More than anything I like the fact that they cover such a large range of topics  They are often challenging the discourse and present news from a liberal standpoint.  Having read through their ethics handbook they are a source that I trust.  To ensure accuracy of what they present they emphasize diversity.  They not only consult experts and influential figures, but they seek to hear the voice of everyday people.  They have very high standards for ensuring accuracy.  To ensure fairness they “present facts, not indictments.”  They do not presume guilt for instance when a person or company has been charged with wrong doing.  They say their audience can expect that they will deliver the best information they can.  They aim to show the complexity of stories, by being diverse.  They never use deceptive measures to get a story.  They never pose as something they are not.  They have an open policy to be corrected for any mistakes, if you happen to see one they welcome hearing about it.  Those interview they feel should never be surprised or disturbed by the way they will be portrayed in a story.  NPR has very high standards for the news they present, and for their journalists.  They have over 800 employees.  You can get a full biography on their editors, contributors, and various other staff.  For example editor Tonya Ballard Brown has also been an editor for the Washington Post, and attended N.C. A&T State University.  They list other projects she has been affiliated with.  Their page is easy to navigate and clearly kept up.  They are more than just a website, they have podcasts, radio shows, and a television show.  They offer news outside of the lens of dominant discourse, they have a very diverse staff, and present their news in a diverse manner.  They tell stories from all perspectives.  NPR is very careful about the content they publish.  They have very high standards for the information they present.


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