The Future of Critical Thinking

When looking at pop culture going forward and to look at it in a critical thinking lens I will question the sources and the information.  Sources can not all be reliable.  You need to know who is writing or producing popular culture.  You need to think about why what being produced is being done so.  Where they went to school, where they grew up if possible, and who they are writing for could all influence the validity or credibility of the information portrayed.  You need to look into who is publishing the information and their affiliations.  You should see if there are organizations sponsoring websites or magazines and what their affiliations are.  Whether they be religious or political, will have a major implication in their possible bias.  You need to be open minded that what you thought about something could possibly be wrong or even dangerous to other groups of people.  Don’t believe everything you hear.  Be able to see the other side of the story, and allow others to have their view.  This is critical to critical thinking.  You must be able to see where that person is coming from or why it is that they believe what they believe.  My Facebook newsfeed is constantly being bombarded with information on pop culture and current events that need to be looked at in a critical frame.  Everyone has and opinion on things going on in this world and Facebook has made everyone an “expert.”  This is a medium where critical thinking is of the utmost importance.  There are so many articles that are completely biased, or just someone opinion being passed off as fact.  Even when it comes to watching cartoons you should be viewing them critically.  The Simpsons are a perfect example.  For the past fifteen years or so the Simpsons have been a reflection of the discourse of society.  One should think about the slants coming from the Fox network and their political views.  Since just about everything we see in our day to day lives in pop culture, such as cartoons and social media and advertising, we should be in a constant state of critical thinking.  Know where the information is coming from and from whom, know why who is saying what they are and you should be able to form your own informed opinion.


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